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What should a math teacher’s website do?

Even though I’ve been designing and programming web pages since before my students were born, I have yet to do a class / course website.  My struggle is trying to finalize a vision/purpose for the website.

Being a “parent” of a teenager has opened my eyes to how difficult it is as a parent to keep track of a high school student’s progress in their 8 classes.  Now a days, the only report card sent home is the end of the semester report cards.  My district has produced a website that parents can login to and see their children’s absences and progress report and cycle grades.  But wouldn’t it be lovely if they can see more than that.  Wouldn’t it be lovely if they could see their student’s assignments and grades as they are entered.  Wouldn’t it be lovely if they could be able to access a copy of their child’s homework or notes so that they could be more involved in the process.

I can’t bemoan the fact that the only time parents contact me is around grade time. I understand that is because (in part) that is the only thing that they have access to in their child’s education.  But from the teacher’s end, I struggle with the idea that I’m not educating the parent, I’m educating their children.  I post my grades weekly for the student to see where they are, but it is not as easy to give that information to the parent. When a parent emails me and requests progress for their child’s grade, I save their progress report to a tiff image and email it to the parent.  Their has to be a better way.

So I’ve outlined four things that I think a teacher’s website should do.

1. Provide static and dynamic information to the student and parent about the class.

2. Provide resources for the student to improve their understanding.

3. Allow the students and parents to see their grades real time and and grade history.

4. Provide absent students with instruction that they missed.

This may seem like a tall order, but if something like this is in place, it will make my job as a teacher easier as well as the parent’s and student’s job easier as well.


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