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August 17, 2008

What I’ve learned from dy/dn

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If you haven’t already please checkout this teacher’s blog.  This blog is by far is the best professional development I’ve done ever.  I’ve spent most of the summer reading his entries from when he started almost two years ago to now.  He brings up some interesting points/methods/ideas that have gotten my creative juices flowing.  Here are some of the things I’ve read about that I plan to incorporate for the school year.

1. Instead of Tests based on units he assesses them on whether or not they have mastered certain skills.  The “test” occur quite frequently but have between 3-6 problems. Its set up where students want to be tested and re-tested to improve their skill score.

2. When using Powerpoint, do not fit 300 words of text on each screen for their notes, but instead use PowerPoint/SmartBoard to accentuate important concepts and to pose questions.

3.  Using images to generate a group pair share question.


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