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August 27, 2008

We started our notebooks today!

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My school made a wonderful attempt at making sure the schedules were 99% set before school started. So the first day of school (where all classes were visited) went by very quickly. The 2nd day of school involved us setting up our notebooks.  I’m happy to say that only 10 of my students were unable to set up their notebook because they didn’t have one. I know you may be saying, what a wonderful thing, but the truth of the matter is that if I hadn’t purchased forty (40) notebooks over the summer, I would have around 50 students not having their notebook. I sold out of notebooks by second period.  So I thought no big deal, I’ll go back and purchase some more. Little did I know that every parent of a school age child also thought to go purchase their child’s school supplies. I could find no college-ruled (good quality) composition notebook. So I ended up paying double for graph paper notebooks, and only getting a limited supply bummer!

So anyway, I gave them a handout that basically covered pages 1-35, and we started on page 37 with our notes for Unit 1.  The only hitch in everything was the fact that I didn’t have enough scissors so people were waiting on others.  The people who didn’t have a notebook did some alphabetizing, collecting trash, passing out papers, etc … to keep them busy. But they do know that it is there responsibility to set up their notebook before next class. For homework, i had them work on their table of contents.


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