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July 22, 2014

I’m in Heaven!

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Actually, not in real Heaven, but I’m in math teacher heaven. I accepted a job teaching at what I assuteacherheavenme is as close to heaven on earth for a high school math teacher. Read more about my decision here.  But back to the title … Why do I consider my new job heaven?

  •  The school is a selective school for highly motivated students.
  • I will have two preps, Precalculus and AP Stats. I’ll have no more than 40 students total. 
  • The school is a dormitory school and the students are woken up 2 hours before school starts so they can study and prepare for class. They also have a mandatory 2 hour study hall after the school day has ended. 
  • My department chair has said they want me to teach topics that I enjoy teaching. 
  • When broaching the subject of using standards based grading to assess the students, the dean of faculty said … and I quote “We really don’t like to tell teachers how to assess the students.”

I know right! Well, I’m excited about the opportunity and the challenge. I know that it will be challenging to develop strategies and methods for a group of highly motivated students, where as for the past 10 years I’ve been working with less than motivated students. But I am up to the challenge. 

I will be keeping standards based grading (only for precal) and I’ll be running a flipped classroom. I am coming to the school during their second semester (they start their school year in January instead of August). So I may not fully use interactive notebooks until the next school year starts in January. I plan to further implement the upside down teaching method advocated in Cathy Seely’s book.Smarter Than We Think. I love Cathy Seeley ever since I read Faster Isn’t Smarter. So many aHa moments! (prepare for a future blog post)



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