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February 25, 2009

Homework … Why I give it (almost) every class

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I teach Geometry and Algebra 2. I give homework (almost every night).  Do all my students do it? … The ones who pass do. Here is my homework formula  as it is now.

1. Assign no more than 10 problems a night. Mostly all of my homework assignments come from the textbook that I direct them to leave at home. (Mostly all of my classwork is not done from the book.)

2. Let the problems be practice problems not “solve it and earn a math phd” problem.

3. Assign the odd numbers because the answers are in the back of book. 

4. Grade the homework on the day its due and go over it in class.  Grade a random 1/3 of the problems to grade quicker, but take note of the unaswered questions and direct students to do the problems on the board.

5. For the people who did not do the homework, assign an alternate assignment (usually the even numbers) and let them turn it in up to a week later without penalty.

6. Repeat steps 1-5 every class period (except after skill test days).


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