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January 15, 2009

Re-Inventing the Wheel Isn’t So Bad

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I know a teacher who has taught the same course for the last 7 years. He has his lesson plans for the entire year prepared on the first day of class.  In fact, the only modification he has to do is change the dates from last year’s to this years.  He has no need to stay up late lesson planning or even attend trainings during the school year.  


That has and never will be me.  I think by nature I have to reinvent the wheel each year.  That is what makes it exciting for me. Lets try something different that I believe will be better for the students and see how it works.

I am a big proponent of lesson planning flexibility. Why, you may ask?  Its because I deal with a different group of students each year. What may have worked for my students last year is not always a guarentee to work with my students this year.  Heck, what worked for them last week may not work for them this week. The point is, you shouldn’t be so stuck on your lesson plan that you can’t add an extra day to expound on a concept differently. Secondly, I’ve been to a lot of trainings this year and regardless of how effective the training session is, I still learn a lot from the teachers I sit next to at the trainings.  I even learn a lot from the teachers whose blog I frequent on a daily basis (literally).  I still manage to stick to my pacing calendar (pretty much), but what I do in the course of the lesson varies from year to year.  With my discovery of google docs, I’ve realized that I can leave myself notes from last year on how a particualar lesson went and the next year I can improve upon the lesson.


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